Energy for the Gamiba

 The power generation capacity amounted to slightly more than 60 megawatts of power, generated by diesel generators in 2009.  80% of all government expenditures are for oil purchases to run these generators, therefore making it prone to rising energy prices. The energy supply is insufficient as well as incomplete, only every second inhabitant in the urban settlements and every fourth in the rural settlements is connected to the electricity network. The grid losses are serious, about 40% of the energy input is lost. Reasons lie in the weakness of the management and theft. In the field of renewable energies, there has been little investment in Gambia.
( Quelle: Wikipedia - Gambia)


A reliable and adequate supply of energy is an important factor for economic development and also for poverty control. After sunset, the whole areas of the country sinks into darkness, more than 80% of the population cook with wood or charcoal over an open fire.
We would prefer local energy generation, decentralized systems that are relatively easy to install, when using natural resources.
A complex infrastructure is not required. Decentralized systems are i.d.R. Are less susceptible or prone to interference, than central systems with long, intermittent supply lines.


Photovoltaics, a proven technology to generate decentralized on-site power. Small, on-demand systems bring the energy to where it is needed. Larger infrastructure measures are not required. About 2,800 / a hours of sunshine give a good yield.

Wind Power

Coming soon..


Hydrocarbon-containing materials such as plastic waste, food residues, biomass can be converted to diesel, gasoline, LPG-like gas and carbon by means of thermocatalytic cracking. Through these, the dependency on the rising world market prices for petroleum products is thus reduced and the foreign exchange reserves are spared.

To Save

Energy is used at all times of the year, regardless of whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing.
A decentralized storage allows the use at all times, a bit more comfort for the people.