Hands reach - take initiative

Men, women, mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, and above all, people who look positively into the future and know that we have only borrowed the earth from our children and children.
Our sight/vision is not only on the closest environment, but also on world events. At the same time we have seen/witnessed, the great power that democracy can release/unfold.
The Gambian people have managed to separate themselves, after 22 long years of dictatorial rule of long - term president Yahay Jammeh, by a democratic election in December 2016,  and replaced him with the 52-year-old entrepreneur Adama Barrow, who finally resumed his office without bloodshed, after his long exile stay in the neighbouring Republic of Senegal on 18 February 2017.
The ECOWAS states, which were given and supported with a UN mandate, also assisted, through military intervention into The Gambia, to make a vital contribution to the bloodless change of power.






“Even if I knew that the world was going down tomorrow, I would still plant an apple tree”


A quote from Dr. Martin Luther King