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First Option

You are entrepreneurs and wish to take advantage of the opportunities, to participate  in the development of the economy,  in one of the poorest countries of the African continent, then contact us.
We can very quickly make direct contact with the decision makers of the Gambian government.
Contact us!

Second Option

You are an investor and are open to new, but also long-established technologies for environmentally friendly, future-oriented energy generation. You wish to make money, but do not wish to lose sight of your next opportunity, then talk to us.
We have ready projects, as well as, in-planning projects, which are lucrative, safe and enlightening for all concerned.
We have the best contacts, in the democratic government of the Republic of the Gambia, and can very quickly make and get appointments, with the decision-makers of the relevant ministries.

Third Option

You are not an investor, you have no products that could help the Gambian people along the way of development, but you wish to help anyway.
Then talk to us, we will forward and present you to our partners, who have personal contacts with various helpers, Gambian citizens and institutions who can support and guide you and your donations.