On March 11, 2017, we founded the Gambian-German-Partnership eV association, with the help of our network, to help the Gambian people on their way to "Progress-Peace-Prosperity" (progress, peace, prosperity) .
We focus our attention on technologies that are economically and, above all, ecologically oriented, ie technologies that are "enlightening".
We believe that people, feel most comfortable, where they are born and have grown up. If people can live there in peace, freedom and prosperity, which they have built for themselves, Then there is almost no reason to leave the country and look for happiness in a foreign country.

           In order to achieve our goal, we undertake two paths:

  • Our personal contacts in the government will enable a quick and direct implementation of measures and projects
  • The Cooperation with already established associations and organizations in The Gambia, offers the possibility to incorporate the needs of the people into our projects, to discuss with government representatives and to implement them quickly and effectively.